Many people have been complaining about the state of our Union. We live In the richest, most powerful country in the world and I fear we are making the same mistakes that all great powers that came before us made. Our people have become complacent. We have lived in a free society for so long that we have forgotten that it takes daily work to maintain our place in the world.

I have reached an age where I can look back and see the mistakes made by our Country and other Countries. History is one of the keys to gaining the knowledge to maintain our society, unfortunately in to many cases our schools are not teaching History. We must prepare our young to make the decisions in the future that will be needed to maintain our society.

For the present, all citizens must be active in any way they are able. It is plain to see that our Country is being run by big business maintained by huge donations to corrupt elected representatives on all levels.

We the people must be active and vote. This is the only tool we have to protect our rights and our future.

Now comes the hard part. To vote responsibly we must be informed, this is much harder today than it was even 20 years ago. In the past reading the daily paper or going to a candidates rally would provide enough information to make a decision. Today however, the choices are infinite and overwhelming. Add into the mix the fake news and presenters who are only worried about their ratings and have little experience or knowledge to offer and it’s easy to see how the public at large is overwhelmed.

All this aside if we want to have and maintain our society we must take control of the people we elect.

Remember complacency is contagious, we can’t afford to fall into that trap which has been the downfall of many great civilizations.

Lastly, remember, Freedom isn’t Free.



Born on 3rd

I realize this looks like another Yankee post, however, I want to assure you that this is a subject that will effect every citizen.  I’m sure you realize the importance of voting in general and in particular the election of a President.  This year it seems the election for the POTUS has a special meaning.  Indeed we have much at stake, the world is under pressure from ISIS, financial instability, spread of poverty, disease and much more.  Of course I have not mentioned the SCOUS where as many as four Judges could be named, this alone is worth the price of admission.   Many social programs such as Planned Parenthood, Obama care, Roe VS Wade, privatizing SS and Medicare are on the Republican agenda.

We now have the Nominees for the two major party’s, Donald Trump Republican and Hillary Clinton Democrat.  It is safe to say that one will be the next President.  Now the real work begins.

The Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton has vast experience and 25 years of service.  She has been both vilified and praised on her long record.  Donald Trump has no experience in public office and has relied on his business experience.  Hillary has a well funded well organization prepared to go until November.  Donald on the other hand has alienated the Conservative Base and runs a low budget campaign.  So what is the difference, who is better.  That’s where my title comes in, Born On Third.

Being “Born On Third” fits Donald Trump.  When you are born on third you have passed the hard and uncomfortable work to get there.  You are born poised  for victory, the clean-up hitter is up and there are no outs, makes success look easy.  Born on Third is also inherited as we saw during the Republican Convention.  The Trump children looked every bit like their father.  Trump has used his birth gift to build an empire (or so he says).  Nothing he has done has  helped those less fortunate or improve the world in any way.  In contrast the Kennedy family, also Born On Third, put public service and giving back as a priority because their father stressed its importance.

Hillary on the other hand has years of service helping young girls and woman on health and career issues.

In closing, before you vote, listen to the candidates Hillary is positive with a plan for the future  Donald Trump has made derogatory comments about woman,  Megyn Kelly, Mexicans, Muslims.  He has said he will build a wall and the Mexican gov. will pay for it.  He is prepared to send 11 million back.  I think the one thing that he did  that most bothered me was seeing him mock Serge Kovaleski who is disabled.  Remember that our children are listening and watching him.

Please do the research and by all means vote.












Bernie being Bernie

Of course there has been other crazy years in Presidential Politics but this one has a special place in history.  The Republicans have allowed an outsider to dominate and the Democratic Party features a party fixture (Hillary R. Clinton) and an Independent Progressive Socialist in Bernie Sanders.

Bernie has drawn huge crowds of new voters and independents by promising free college, $15. pre hr wages, universal health care, living wage for seniors, break up the big banks, eliminating Citizens United and more.  You have to agree that all are on the Democratic wish list.   The rub comes when the how and how much enter the conversation.  Bernie believes if the people rise up in mass it will happen, HRC believes a gradual approach is the best way to reach the goal.

Bernie is not burdened by years of Democratic ideas he is a free sprit who can address the will of the people.  Unfortunately many of the new young voters might not vote and even more might drop out if Bernie is not the candidate.  Only time will tell, but how Bernie lands his “ship” will go a long way toward a Democratic win in November. Odd as it seems a Democratic presidential victory could in the hands of a Socialist, I told you it was a crazy year.









9th inning covered

Like all baseball fans I’m just getting back to business.  Although I haven’t had time to evaluate all the moves to date, my initial take on the moves made by the Yankees leave me puzzled.   We now have 3 top 9th inning closers.  While closing is important we haven’t improved the outfield, or starting pitchers.  I think Castro will improve the infield, however, 1st base and third are weak if Teixeira is unable to play full time.   I do think Greg Bird will develop into a great starter.   Another good backup is Sanchez at catcher.

My feelings at this time are that unless we do something to score runs the closers will not have much to do.

We need to make some deals.



Yankee fans will have to wait another day for a chance to clinch their first playoff spot since 2012.  It is worth noting that even then the road ahead will be difficult.  The Yankees have several problems.  Starting pitchers are inconsistent and on DL.  In general every day players are not hitting and with Tex out the young replacements are struggling.  We also have the issue of age.

However, the Yankees have displayed the grit to come back and in short series you are always in the game.

i believe next year will be the real challenge.

Yankee Days

The dog days of summer are here and the Yankees are hearing the boos and criticism that goes along with the lack hitting and fielding resulting in dropping out of first place.  It is inevitable that fans blame individual players, coaches and management and certainly that is part of it, however, I believe there is another possibility.  Perhaps, just Perhaps, the team is playing up to its ability based on age of players, past statistics.  One more thing, the east as a whole is a weaker division and of late has begun to catch fire. The Blue Jays are hot and look unbeatable.

My conclusion is the season has to be taken as a whole not in parts.  The Yankees fate is still in their hands and we will have to wait before we second guess or criticize.

You can never go fast enough

You are so right, mine was a 55 Chevy convertible

The religious imagineer


Last Sunday I came across a classic car show in a Seattle suburb. The bright colors and streamlined shapes were impossible to resist. I stopped to join the crowd in rapt admiration of the immaculately restored Mustangs, GTO’s, T-Birds, Corvettes and other beauties dating as far back as the 1920’s. As sculptural objects they offered the tangible pleasures of sweeping lines, voluptuous curves, and an exuberant array of intense colors. But there was more to it than the allure of shiny objects. The classic cars lining the streets were also saturated with nostalgia and myth.

Nostalgia longs for a time when nostalgia didn’t exist because everyone “then” was happily embedded in the present. As Svetlana Boym observes:

At first glance, nostalgia is a longing for a place, but actually it is a yearning for a different time – the time of our childhood, the slower rhythms of our dreams. In…

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